The illegal condition for the candidacy of the Commissioner is withdrawn

The Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Informing withdrew an illegal requirement for the selection of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance.

MirkoKrlic, chairman of the Board, said for Insider that a condition that the candidate at the time of his nomination for office was not employed in another state body, is withdrawn. "At the insistence of several NGOs, we have withdrawn this condition, so that anyone who fulfills the legally prescribed conditions could be a candidate for commissioner. However, those who are elected to that office will not be able to work in another state body", Krlic said.

On June 14th, the Parliamentary Committee launched a procedure for the election of a new Commissioner, and the invitation was sent to all parliamentary groups to submit their proposals for a new Commissioner. However, one of the conditions was that the candidate at the time of proposing for the function of commissioner, is not employed in another state body. Due to this condition, eight NGOs, including TS, requested that this condition is deleted and pointed out that, except that this requirement is not provided by law, it is a "eliminating factor" for all candidates currently working in state institutions, including the Commissioner's Office.