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Transparency Serbia





Transparency Serbia is non- partisan, non-governmental and non-for profit voluntary organization established with the aim of curbing corruption in Serbia.

Transparency Serbia’s main goal is to increase transparency in the work of state organs as a way to prevent abuse of public authority for private purposes, through preventive activity - raising public awareness about the dangers and damage that corruption does to society, fostering reforms and proposing concrete recommendations.

Transparency Serbia is national chapter and representative of Transparency International in Republic of Serbia.



Current Activities


Publications and presentations

Summarized results of TS' work in 2017


Strategic Framework

Based on the goals established by the founding documents of Transparency Serbia (TS) and the Transparency International Strategy 2020, taking into account the relevant international conventions, regulations and strategic acts of the Republic of Serbia, findings and recommendations of our own and others' researches and the achievement of the Strategic Framework TS in the period 2005-2010 and 2011-2015, the Assembly of the Association, on the proposal of the Managing Board, passes the following:

Strategy for work and development of the TS for the period 2017-2020


Structure of the Organization

The bodies of Transparency Serbia organization are:

  • Assembly, which adopt most important documents of organization and elect other bodies,
  • Managerial Board, which is responsible for strategy and implementing of planned activities,
  • Supervisory board, with control function,

Officials of the organization are the President, Executive Director, Program Director and Financial Director.
Beside bodies of organization important role in implementing of Transparency's aims has also:

  • Project managers
  • Project assistants
  • Permanent and temporary associates




President (represents the organization locally and internationally):

   PhD Vladimir Goati


Program Director (issues related to the implementation of existing and designing new anti-corruption program):

   Nemanja Nenadic


Financial Director (issues relating to the funding organization):

   Danilo Pejovic


Executive Director (organizational issues of association)

   Bojana Medenica


Project administration

  Misa Bojovic

  Zlata Djordjevic

  Zlatko Minic

  Maja Karisic



Web - administration

   Marko Popadic


Managerial Board

   PhD Vladimir Goati,

   Nemanja Nenadic,

   Danilo Pejovic,

   Bojana Medenica,

   Natalija Lasic


Supervisory board

Marijana Trivunovic

Nikola Matic

Dragoslav Velickovic





Organization Funding

Transparency Serbia is financed solely on the basis of projects. Transparency Serbia does not accept funding that could harm the independence of the organization or that might impair the independence of the organization to pursue its mission. At the same time, we emphasize on all materials that occur within the project that expressed opinions belong exclusively to Transparency Serbia.

In addition to the activities funded under the projects, Transparency Serbia is conducting many others for which there is no donor support (e.g. comments on the current anti-corruption themes, press releases, legal initiatives for adoption or amending regulation, FOI requests, etc.).

Transparency Serbia regularly submits annual financial report to the Business Registers Agency.

Data on donors who have supported individual projects.

Here you can see the structure of donations.



Code of Ethics and other internal documents