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First 15 months of Anticorruption Strategy implementation

Transparency – Serbia invites you to attend press conference:

First 15 months of Anticorruption Strategy implementation –

Focus on political activities, public finances and media

Friday, 30 January 2015with the beginning at 11.00 o’clock,

Belgrade, Media Center, II floor, Terazije 3


  • Goals of alternative reporting on Anticorruption Strategy implementation
  • General conclusions of monitoring of Anticorruption Strategy and Action Plan implementation
  • Political activities - what hasn’t been undertaken and for what reason?
  • Public finances - what changes should represent priority in terms of fight against corruption?
  • Media - which problems will be resolved with new regulations, and what issues remain out of focus?


Moderator: Prof. PhD Vladimir Goati, President of Transparency – Serbia

  • Marijana ObradovićAssistant Director for Prevention Affairs, Anticorruption Agency
  • Nemanja NenadićProgram Director of Transparency – Serbia
  • Bojana MedenicaExecutiveDirector of Transparency – Serbia
  • Zlatko Minić - Associateof Transparency – Serbia

Questions and answers

Simultaneous translation of the conference is not provided

Main report findings will be translated to English. For any further information feel free to contact Miss Marija Radović to phone number 011/ 303 38 27 or by e-mail  

Transparency – Serbia

Press Office

Belgrade, 26 January 2015