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Anti-corruption Assistance Centre - ALAC

Since 2006, Transparency Serbia has been providing legal advice to victims of corruption through the Center for Legal Aid and Advocacy (ALAC - Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre). The team of lawyers offers possible solutions to the problem, while certain problems that have been identified as the most common are solved by submitting initiatives to the competent authorities for changes in practices and regulations. In this way, the irregularity is treated from two angles, by offering help to the citizens to solve their problem, by teaching about the existing legal mechanisms and by systematically solving the problem from the other side.

Why Counseling

One of the reasons why the fight against corruption is not yielding full results so far is the fact that many citizens who face this phenomenon do not know enough about the legal possibilities available to them in such cases, or do not have enough confidence in the work of institutions that they should solve those problems.

The main goal of the anti-corruption legal counseling project is to increase the participation of citizens in the fight against corruption, and to increase both the number of reported and resolved cases of corruption. The counseling center, where volunteers will work and with which legal advisers will cooperate, will receive calls from citizens who feel like victims of corruption or who have learned about corrupt behavior in another way and want it to be prevented or the mechanisms of corruption to be shattered.

The counseling center works in the following ways:

• You can contact the legal advisor by phone 0800 - 081 - 081 every Monday from 3 pm to 6 pm. Calls to this number are possible from all fixed telephony numbers from Serbia and are completely free for citizens, as well as the assistance provided to the citizen by the Counseling Center. The citizen who calls this number chooses whether to remain anonymous or leave his data. Volunteers from the counseling center will carefully note the disputed situation or problem that the citizen points out and in the shortest possible time, after consulting with experts, instruct the citizen on what steps he can take, alone or in cooperation with the counseling center, to solve the problem.

• Receiving e-mails at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., where citizens will be able to present controversial situations, submit documentation and seek advice. Emails received will be treated confidentially.

• Receiving classic mail to the address Palmotićeva no. 31, 11000 Belgrade. The received letters will be treated in a confidential manner.

• Schedule a meeting with a legal advisor (free counseling for citizens).

Transparency - Serbia does not have the legal or financial ability to represent citizens before the competent authorities. However, we will be interested in the outcome of the initiated cases and the elimination of mechanisms that enable corruption to occur in the competent authorities.

Your addresses to the Anti-Corruption Counseling Center will enable us to gain a better insight into the prevalence of corruption in certain areas and the problems in the implementation of anti-corruption laws and plans. Based on that, we will get the opportunity and strong arguments to publicly advocate for solving problems in the most urgent areas in the future.

An important element of this project is the cooperation with the media, which are especially engaged in monitoring corruption and the fight against corruption in Serbia. We want to make it easier for citizens who are ready to talk about their problems and speak publicly about such media, in order to start solving corruption - one of the biggest problems plaguing our society.


Antikorupcijsko savetovalište - booklet


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