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Lobbying before the Law on Lobbying

From July to October 2019, within the project "Lobbying before the Law on Lobbying", Transparency - Serbia tried to determine the patterns and characteristics of lobbying practices in Serbia in the period from the re-establishment of democracy (1990) to the adoption of the first Law on Lobbying (2019).

Our goal was also to acquaint as many journalists, civil society activists, officials and officials at all levels of government with the importance and key provisions of this law, as well as the possibilities to use it in their work. Within the project, five round tables were held - in Novi Pazar, Novi Sad, Nis, Sabac and Belgrade.

The project was implemented with the support of the OSCE Mission to the Republic of Serbia. All views and opinions expressed belong to Transparency Serbia and do not necessarily reflect the views of donors.

 Okrugli sto u Novom Pazaru 8. oktobra 2019.

Novi Zakon o lobiranju - radionica u Beogradu

Novi Zakon o lobiranju - radionica u Novom Sadu

Novi Zakon o lobiranju - izgradnja kapaciteta lokalnih samouprava i podizanje svesti javnosti - radionica u Šapcu


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