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Law on Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions - How to Improve Anti-Corruption Potentials

Public-private partnerships, as long-term business agreements between state bodies and private investors, represent an area of high risk of corruption, so the goal of this project is to further improve anti-corruption mechanisms (transparency and competition) in the Law on Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions.

Transparency Serbia analyzes the current Law on Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions with a special focus on the risks of transparency and corruption in order to identify gaps in legislation and provide recommendations for further improvement.

Also, the TS analyzes the relevant legal framework from the region and potential anti-corruption mechanisms in its relevant laws that can be transposed into the domestic legal framework.

In Serbian:


Projekat je podržala Misija Organizacije za evropsku bezbednost i saradnju u Srbiji.




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