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Functional system for the fight against corruption in public procurement in Serbia 2014

Public procurement in Serbia has been identified as an area where corruption is widespread. The new government has made the fight against corruption a key priority. The new Public Procurement Law, which brings significant improvements to the fight against corruption, entered into force on April 1, 2013. This law was presented as a cornerstone of the anti-corruption policy, which would "enable up to 1 billion euros in savings per year." Two particularly important bylaws (on anti-corruption risk planning and analysis) were to be adopted by 1 September by the Public Procurement Directorate (PPA).

The project aimed to facilitate the establishment of a functioning anti-corruption system in public procurement, through the identification of corruption risks, monitoring the implementation of anti-corruption provisions of the newly adopted law, raising public awareness and supporting independent state bodies. The project also plans to facilitate the implementation of anti-corruption laws by monitoring selected risk areas, such as discretion in low-value procurement, transparency of documents (especially tender documents), and initiating sanctioning procedures before the competent authorities. It is also planned to improve the quality of bylaws regulating public procurement planning and prevention of corruption in public procurement, based on the experience of TS in this area and participation in drafting bylaws, and providing support to the Public Procurement Administration and the Anti-Corruption Agency. 

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