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Civil society proposes Nevena Ružić for the Commissioner

            More than 60 civil society organizations, media, representatives of the scientific community are urging MPs to support Nevena Ružić as a candidate for a new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection. We are firmly convinced that Nevena Ružić possesses the expertise, experience and integrity necessary for the management of the Commissioner's institution.

Nevena Ružić is working in institution for 10 years now and is now serving as Assistant Secretary General of the Commissioner's Office. She contributed with her work significantly to the confidence of citizens in the Commissioner's institution, so we believe that she will continue to work in the public interest in the future. We are sure that besides the relevant professional knowledge (master diploma of legal sciences in areas closely related to the field of activity of the Commissioner) and exceptional experience, she also has the integrity necessary for the control and supervision of the work of state bodies.

            She showed commitment and dedication through regular communication and cooperation with civil society organizations and continuous professional development. Since 2017 she is a member of the working body of the International Confederation of Information Commissioner.

             She was elected in 2012 as a member of the Bureau of the Advisory Committee of the Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the automatic processing of personal data of the Council of Europe, where she also served as Deputy President.

We urge all parliamentary groups in the Serbian Parliament to nominate NevenaRužić and support her election because she meets all the criteria that guarantee that she will perform the responsibilities of the Commissioner in a responsible and conscientious manner, in accordance with law and good democratic practice, independently from political and other influences.

We urge all the deputies to act responsibly and conscientiously towards the choice of Commissioner.

This institution has great importance for the citizens of Serbia, and the rights it protects - access to data of public importance and protection of personal data is guaranteed by the Constitution rights that are the basis of every democratic society.

We also appeal to the Assembly Committee for Culture and Information to respectthe criteria of transparency, openness and integrity when selecting a new Commissioner, in order to enable the public to be adequately informed and involved in this process.