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Fiscal Strategy Draft (almost) on time

For the first time since 2011, the Ministry of Finance prepared the Fiscal Strategy, a document that by law precedes the drafting of the budget for the next year before the budget itself is made.

Although practice showed that the Government and the Parliament often deviated from these three-year planning documents, even at a time when they were made on time, the fact that the Fiscal Strategy appeared close to the deadline set by the Budget System Act gives hope that at least in the in terms of obeying that rule, things will start to improve.

However, we did not know that the Fiscal Strategy was drafted from the competent Ministry of Finance, which did not publish the draft, but from the Fiscal Council, which published its opinion on this document.

We remind that the failure to meet the deadlines for the preparation of the Fiscal Strategy, the budget proposal and the failure to adopt the final budget statement are the main reasons for Serbia's poor placement in the international open budget survey conducted by Transparency Serbia for our country.