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More information on the work of Anti-Corruption Agency available

After the start of work of the new director of  the Anti-Corruption Agency, a positive development has been spotted– publishing more information on the controls carried out by the Agency and their outcome.  Some data of this kind was also published earlier, for example which groups of officials would be included in regular accuracy and completness of the report on property and income, how much is charged for violations of the law. A list of all completed or ongoing emergency control of assets and income is now available.

It is also evident that the Agency is quickly publishing data on cases of corruption that is written about in public, for example in connection with the recently arrested director of the Ethnographic Museum, where the Agency has pointed out its pre-treatment. We recall that in previous years the Agency did a very important job in some famous cases of alleged corruption and concealment of assets of public officials, but didn’t inform the public about it until the journalists weren’t able to find that data on the basis of requests for access to information (eg. Mali's case).

From interview which Agency Director Majda Krsikapa gave to the television Al Jazeera Balkans, it can be gathered that it was not an isolated treatment, but more an open policy.

Better citizen information on the control activities of the Agency will enhance the reputation of this independent body in public, and certainly be preventive for actions in relation to offenders who come from the political scene, since their image among the voters is more important than other possible adverse effects (eg Warnings, and small fines in misdemeanor proceedings)