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Parties Clinical Center

At the opening of the Clinical Center Nis we could hear the scandalous statement of former President Tomislav Nikolic – that he is “proud on progressives who continue to raise Serbia”. Is Clinical Center of Nis built by Serbian Government or SPP?

In addition, Nikolic's graces to the progressives fits with the performance of the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic who mainly talked about affairs under the jurisdiction of the Government in the first person plural (we will finish, we will build) in his speech at the opening. The question remains whether Vucic spoke on behalf of the Government of Serbia about its plans, for what he is not responsible, or in the name of SPP, whose president he is?

Otherwise, Nikolic is now the president of Council for cooperation with Russia and China, which is  the working body of the Government, so he is not a public official. Thanks to that, he can, without fear of any legal sanctions, promote his party, which is specially effective in this “parties” appearance.