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Integrity plans - between corruption risk and anti-corruption practices

The project addresses the strengthening of integrity, accountability and improvement of the fight against corruption in public authorities that have experienced problems with corruption situations during the implementation of integrity plans from 2013, through the development of improved integrity plans during 2017 and improving regulations and practices for handling complaints, especially through the mechanism alarms.

Based on the data collected from the media on cases of corruption in government bodies and the collected integrity plans of the sampled entities, the quality and objectivity of the integrity plans of the sampled entities are analyzed with special reference to areas related to identified cases of corruption or suspected corruption. corruption.

The results of the analysis will be used to raise the attention of the public, especially the media, regarding the preventive measures to be implemented after the detection of a corruption case or suspicion of corruption and the importance of developing and implementing integrity plans in this regard.


Konferencija za novinare 26. decembra 2017: Planovi integriteta - između korupcijskog rizika i antikorupcijske prakse

TS planovi integriteta maj 2018

TS planovi integriteta maj 2018 sažetak



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