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Monitoring election campaign financing 2014 - Belgrade

Within the project, TS collected, analyzed and promoted conclusions on the most significant costs of political parties and candidates in the campaign for the Belgrade elections in 2014, (mis)use of public functions and public resources for party promotions and overall implementation of campaign financing rules.

The overall goal of the project was to facilitate the implementation of the rules on campaign financing for the 2014 city elections in Belgrade and to prevent the misuse of public resources for campaign purposes.

The individual goals of the project are:

1. assessment of the level and type of campaign financing of each political entity participating in the elections

2. Assessment of the impact of the election campaign on the activities of state bodies and public officials, including potential misuse of public resources

3. inform the relevant state institutions (especially the Anti-Corruption Agency), national and international actors and citizens about the findings and recommendations of the TS on how to solve the identified problems.

In Serbian:


Projekat je omogućen podrškom američkog naroda putem Američke agencije za međunarodni razvoj (USAID) kroz Projekat za reformu pravosuđa i odgovornu vlast i ne mora neophodno odslikavati stavove USAID ili Vlade Sjedinjenih Američkih Država.



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