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Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan in 2014

Within the project "Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan - between commitment and the appearance of engagement" Transparency Serbia will monitor the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan and prepare an alternative report on the implementation of obligations, ie measures and activities prescribed by the Anti-Corruption Strategy against corruption for the period 2013-2018 and the Action Plan. Monitoring will include about 70 measures and about 150 activities whose implementation is planned for 2014 in area 3.1. Political activities, 3.2 Public finances and 3.9 Media, as well as measures and activities that, according to the Agency's report, were not fulfilled during 2013.

The strategy was adopted on July 1, 2013, and after the adoption of the Action Plan, on September 6, 2013, the deadlines for fulfilling the prescribed measures and activities began to run. The strategy left supervision over its implementation in the competence of the Anti-Corruption Agency, as an independent state body, but an additional role in monitoring the implementation (coordination of state bodies, with the obligation of bodies to submit data on fulfillment of obligations) was given to the Ministry of Justice and the Government Council. Serbia for the fight against corruption, which are part of the executive branch.

One of the bad consequences of such a solution is that it is possible that the Anti-Corruption Agency and the Anti-Corruption Council of the Government of Serbia, ie the Ministry of Justice, will give different assessments on the fulfillment of obligations and further activities to be carried out by the authorities.

It is clear that an objective alternative compliance report, prepared by a civil society organization with extensive experience and reputation in the field of anti-corruption, would be a good way to properly assess the quantity and quality of compliance and set an additional parameter when assessing compliance. cases when there are different assessments of several bodies (Council, Agency).

As part of the evaluation of the implementation of measures and activities, Transparency will use its experience in monitoring the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in the Republic of Serbia from 2005 (the findings of this research were submitted to the Agency in late 2009). implementation of the anti-corruption strategy and action plan).

Quantitative assessment of fulfillment will be based on set indicators, while for qualitative assessment the rich experience that TS has in monitoring the areas of "political activities", "public finances" and "media" will be important.

A special quality of the alternative report that Transparency Serbia will do is the analysis that should show the real commitment of bodies and institutions in the fight against corruption, ie in the implementation of measures and activities from the Strategy and Action Plan.

The project is financed through the Anti-Corruption Agency, and with the funds of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade. All views and opinions expressed during the duration of this project do not necessarily represent the views of the Anti-Corruption Agency or the Kingdom of Norway.

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