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Prosecution should react to statements on political blackmail of the employed in the grammar school

Transparency Serbia pointed out to supreme public prosecution in Belgrade–special department for curbing corruption to media statements about blackmailing of employees in in grammar school in BelaCrkva to perform duties beneficial to political party if they wish to save their jobs.

Beta news agency published information from the Portal Belocrkvanews which, if turned out to be true, indicate to criminal acts by the responsible persons in grammar school in BelaCrkva and other unnamed persons for criminal act of abuse of public function, and mayor of the municipality ofBelaCrkvaand other unnamed persons for criminal act of trading the influence, related to employment in the grammar school, or conditioning working in grammar school with activities beneficial for the political party.

Having in mind public concern, inBelaCrkva, and wider, impossibility of the citizens to determine the truthfulness of these statements, and the fact that these are criminal acts from the real jurisdiction of special department of the Supreme Public Prosecutor for Curbing Corruption, and territorial jurisdiction of Belgrade SPP, we invite you to initiate the procedure without waiting for someone to submit criminal charges, and to inform the public about initiation and result of your activities related to this case.

Transparency Serbia,  in the proposal of measures that should be undertaken before and during the upcoming election campaign, pointed out to the necessity that special departments for fight against corruption use their authorities to provide safe channels of communication to all citizens that indicate to potential abuses of public authorities and resources for the purpose of political promotion.