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TS addresses parliamentarians

Transparency Serbia - TS (part of the Transparency International network) urged MPs to ask the Serbian government representatives at a parliamentary session on April 28th 2020, to publish information on procurement conducted without application of the Law on Public Procurement during the state of emergency to fight the COVID-19 pandemic , as well as information on donations received for this purpose.

The requested information on public procurement relates to data to the extent available at this time- for example, for contracts that have already been concluded and realized.

In a note sent to all parliamentary groups and non-attached MPs, TS invited them to ask the Government to publish and regularly update information on financial and non-financial assistance received from international organizations, foreign countries, businesses, legal entities and individuals for which it has records, while protecting the personal information of donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Transparency Serbia has also urged MPs to either initiate themsleves,changes to the regulations governing these two areas or to ask the Government representatives present at the parliamentary session to do so.

Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement (still in force, but also a newly adopted onewhich implementation begins on July 1st,2020) should ensure for the future the principles of transparency in public procurement conducted without the implementation of the Law on Public Procurement.

At the same time, the Law on Donations and Humanitarian Aid, the Law on Public Property, the Law on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management should be amended in order to ensure an adequate level of publicity on data about number and amount of donations collected by public authorities and public institutions in situations of natural disasters.