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Financing political parties 2012

Non-transparent financing of political parties and election campaigns is one of the main concerns of current reforms in Serbia, in terms of democratic development, the fight against corruption and EU integration. The adoption of the new Law has already been identified as one of the priority tasks in the context of European integration, as the existing one has proved ineffective.

Given the experience with other anti-corruption laws, the adoption of new rules does not guarantee progress. Moreover, the bill currently under discussion in the Government could be improved, as well as many related laws. That is why public advocacy in parliament and other institutions is necessary.

Implementation of the rules will depend on several bodies, including the Anti-Corruption Agency, the State Audit Institution, but also many others, such as the Broadcasting Council, public prosecutors and misdemeanor courts. Their experience in monitoring party funding is insufficient and the support that comes through monitoring activities by civil society is very useful, if not crucial.

The first reports to be reviewed on the basis of the provisions of the new legislation were those for 2010. Regular elections, and the largest test for the new law in practice are planned for 2012. Given these forthcoming elections, TS wanted to the project ensures that the legal framework is improved as soon as possible and that the provisions of the new Law are tested.

The project related to the work of several public institutions, including the Parliament, the Anti-Corruption Agency, the State Audit Institution, the Broadcasting Agency, but also the financial sector of central, provincial and local authorities, public prosecutors and misdemeanor courts.

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